Beauty and personal care products was worth £8.9 billion to the UK in 2013 and the industry is forecast by Mintel, a global market research organisation, to reach £10 billion by the year 2017. Business is booming and the market place is rapidly growing. So much so that squeezing in amongst an already crowded market awash with brands of all scales has never been more challenging.

However, spa therapist and Cornish-based entrepreneur, Sara Young, found a gap in the market whilst trying to obtain organic 'spa quality' products, ethically sourced and manufactured at reasonable price. She discovered there was nothing available that could fulfil her expectations or lived up to her ideals or wishes. Therefore she embarked on creating her own products. An extensive range that born the name, Afyna - fittingly translated from old Cornish as 'to beautify'.

The natural Cornish flora and tenacious growth of nature provided the inspiration behind the Afyna branding. The complexity of the identity that emerged expressed a simple sculptural mark by way of the letter 'A' but within reinforced the natural source of the ingredients that made up the brand's products.

It was important during the development of the wider aspects of the branding to avoid a stereotypical artisan approach more akin, perhaps, to the small cottage industry; or the visual language often adopted to emphasise a product of an organic nature. We felt this aspect could confidently be conveyed by alternative methods. Creating a look that would enable Afyna to have optimum shelf presence, that focused on the brand rather than an aspect, was of paramount importance.

Utilising a punchy colour palette throughout the Afyna range and exploiting a lavish foiling across apposing facets of the packaging, immediately gave the brand prominence and a luxurious spirit that immediately engaged with the customer.

"From start to finish the service I received was 5 star and I believe that the branding that I have is absolutely second to none.  The process was smooth and efficient, with excellent communication so that we could work the branding and design work together - Grant liaised with all of the suppliers to make sure that the final packaging was to the highest level of quality."

Sara Young MD & Founder