African and African-American hair is unique. Each strand of this hair-type grows in a tiny, spring-like helix shape - a form of spiral, and although this hair type grows less per cm2 than European or Asian hair, it actually appears to be denser. With such an extraordinary hair structure unique properties and characteristics, comes a need for a specific care programme to meet the demands this hair type presents. This led world-leading hair trichologist, Tony Maleedy, to conceive Avia.

Tony wanted to convey something fresh and sophisticated to the African-American hair care market. To create a premium hair-care brand that not only focused on hair and scalp needs specific to African-American's but communicated a marque of opulence, sophistication and excellence.

Smudge was briefed to realise this vision and create an exciting premium brand image that ignored the visual cliches of the traditional market trends. This was initiated with the development of the brand identity - designed to communicate a message of elegance and beauty.

Simple and classically executed in its approach, its treatment gave it a contemporary twist which was complimented by a soft and luxurious colour palette that would appeal to both men and women.

Soon after a professional range, aimed at the US and European markets, was included in the Avia collection adorned in opulent white with the trademark silver branding.

"Smudge is imaginative, stylish and highly original; but what I also like very much is the element of boldness that often shows in their designs, making them stand out from the crowd. I would not hesitate to recommend Smudge to any company or organization"

Tony Maleedy MD