Sun protection is worth a staggering £180m a year. However it is estimated that more than half of Britons don't use enough sunscreen and 12% of teens during the past decade have stopped using it altogether. With more than 100,000 new cases of skin cancer diagnosed annually in the UK, extensive sun exposure is considered to be responsible for the vast majority of these cases. It is therefore critical to turn this trend around, or, at the very least, encourage more people to use it.

Boots, a name synonymous with quality and trust, a high-street brand valued above all others. Furthermore, its own branded products reinforce the relationship we have with the name.

Rather than developing a sub-branded identity to these own brand skin care products, it was the Boots' reputation that inspired Smudge to keep things simple, relying on the application of the 'Boots' identity alone to express a reassurance of quality. But changing social behaviour is a monumental challenge anyway. An impossible expectation regardless of what you call something; and to do it with packaging?

The truth is every little helps and the most effective way of engaging with people is through humour. A smile is always much more encouraging than an instructive rudimentary approach and it's more likely to be remembered.

This witty and lovable approach is easily recognized and possesses immense shelf presence, whilst reinforcing the message for the need of protection against harmful exposure to the sun. We protect our eyes so why not our skin?