The quality and appetite for Moore's Honey has seen substantial growth in recent years and the need to take on more hives has been required to meet with the growing demand. This unexpected success and the need to ensure the longevity of the hives have, however, meant a few things needed to change.

2014 saw the sale of honey overtake jam for the first time in the UK. Incredibly 20.3 million kilos of the golden nectar was drizzled, spread and devoured making the industry worth £109.8m according to a report by The Grocer in January 2015. The honey business is a hive of activity with an increasing number of enthusiasts establishing their own hives, spurring a growth in small cottage industries and feeding the demand.

Incredibly, bees will travel up to five miles in their pursuits. Exhaustively roaming the countryside and towns in search of their treasured nectar. It was this expansive meandering that influenced the Moore's Honey most striking element - the distinctive swirls. This realised a brand identity, able to convey this product's individualism and clearly define its own memorable personality as a brand devoid of popular cliche's of honeycombs and bygone imagery.

"Beyond my expectations and such originality. Thank you."

Robert Moore (Bee Keeper)