Renowned drummer and music producer, Steve Monti - formally of Jesus and the Mary Chain, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, Curve, Gary Numan and Sulpher, (to name a few), collaborated with US vocalist Ian Baird in what started off as an exchange of ideas over the internet. Neither artist has ever been in the same room but what resulted was Shockbox and a debut album.

Monti's six year old son coined the name, Shockbox'. How he originated it is anyone's guess. However, it had the right tone and lent itself, graphically, to an obvious approach - the positive and negative flow of energy; and given the circumstances that the union was formed and the trade of ideas across a ocean, the aspect of flowing current back and forth seemed quite apt.

Called Kaleidoscope, it wasn't difficult to anticipate a theme for the album cover with an innumerable facets of colours.

"Smudge rocks!
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Smudge to anyone"

Steve Monti