Mother's Ruin', as the phrase was coined, sprung from the 18th century when water quality was so poor to drink the only alternative was to consume gin - much to the detriment of many young children. Its popularity was so great it out sold beer six to one!

in 2005 UK exported gin was worth £193 million - a stark contrast to the Vodka industry which had seized a commercial edge on the gin market. However, anticipating a revival in gin's popularity, Smudge conceived and developed this trio aimed at the premixed drinks market that reinvented itself, shaking off the preconception of gin being merely an 'old woman's' drink, to that of a fresh and dynamic drink for a new generation.

The past few years has witnessed something of a resurgence of gin's popularity. Its become the tipple of choice for sophisticated cocktail fans. The market is currently booming with 73 new distilleries opening across the UK since 2010 and consumers are spending more on gin than ever before. Sales have risen by 56% in the last five years. Exports totalled £421 million in 2015, a multi-record breaking year, and a rise of 46 per cent since 2010. The industry is currently worth £1.76 billion to the UK economy.

Smudge conceived three brand names that would not only appeal to the younger market, but would ultimately influence a vibrant and unique brand identity. An image so fresh and dynamic, that the preconception of gin being merely an 'old woman's' drink has finally been laid to rest. Gin has now become cool.

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