Much to the distress of developers and home owners, bats can often have a significant impact on the development or building of property - even in the clearing of land or felling of trees.

An endangered species, they are often seen as a costly hindrance despite their presence being beneficial to the environment. But they are a matter of fact, they need to live somewhere, and therefore a necessary implication to developing property. However, getting the right people in to mitigate for them and oversee planning applications can limit the stress and save money.

Surrounded in mystique and myth, the nocturnal lifestyle of bats are seldom seen or understood by many. However, these shy creatures are actually extremely friendly, highly intelligent, socially sophisticated and with immense character. Expressing these characteristics was the challenge.

It was essential to avoid the clich├ęs. Absolutely no church towers, full moons, hallowe'en styled illustrations of silhouetted bats or superheroes' guises would be tolerated. In fact, we didn't even want to show a bat! Easier said than done.

Humour often engages with an audience and is much more likely to be remembered. What better way of expressing character than eyes peering through the darkness. Lacking nothing in the portrayal of professionalism this approach presented a humorous and memorable identity that would be appreciated by all their clients - young and old. Hopefully it made you smile too.

"I love my companies identity! Amusing, memorable & Classy. I couldn't be happier. Thank you Smudge."

Caroline Wright {Founder}