25 years spent in clinical practise and hair research has shown leading tricologist, Tony Maleedy, that good hair starts with a healthy scalp. Hair loss, hair growth, scalp problems and the condition of your hair can all be drastically improved if the scalp is completely healthy. He therefore set out to develop a natural shampoo to remedy this problem; a product that, with direction from Smudge, was to be branded under his own name.

Simplicity was very much at the heart of our approach. Despite being confined by a slim budget it was possible, through adopting a very minimalist style, to create an impression of classic sophistication and depict the elegance of a premium brand. This approach would not only reflect an honesty, it would also appeal to both men and women.

"Smudge has undertaken design for two of my businesses and I have been genuinely delighted on both occasions. They have designed stylish company logos, packaging, outstanding websites, beautiful stationary leaflets, and inspirational marketing materials. I would not hesitate to recommend Smudge to any company or organization."

Tony Maleedy Managing Director